What kind of issues does Luma address?
Marriage & Relationship Issues, Affair recovery, Abuse (Sexual, physical, emotional, verbal), Divorce recovery, Family issues, Parenting challenges , Premarital, Communication, Trauma, Addiction, Anxiety & Fear, Stress, Depression, Grief & Loss, Sexual struggles, Guilt & Shame, Self-harm, Conflict, Anger/bitterness
Does Luma Counseling use licensed professionals?
While some of our counselors may be licensed professionals and some are not, all of our counselors are well-trained, experienced, and competent. We do not accept insurance. Each of our counselors, whether licensed or not, provides Christ-centered, biblically-based counseling, not clinical psychotherapy.
Where are you located?
We are located in College Park Church in Indianapolis—College Park Church, Door 1, 2606 W. 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN.


Do you take insurance?
No, we do not accept insurance. We do not want finances to be a barrier, email to ask about scholarships.
What forms of payment do you take?
We accept credit cards through online payment via an invoice that will be provided following each counseling session. Please contact if you would prefer to cover the fee using a different form of payment.


Can I see someone immediately?
As soon as you register using this link, you will be connected to a counselor. It is possible that you will be connected to a counselor and able to set up a meeting within 48 hours of registration. However, it may take longer to schedule an appointment due to the counselors availability.
How do I make appointments?
After you request care with Luma by submitting your Intake Forms, you will be sent a Recommendation of Care. That document will contain the email address of your counselor, if applicable.  To make an appointment, you will contact your counselor directly to find a time that works for both you and your counselor.
What if I cannot make my appointment?
Contact your counselor if you need to cancel. Cancellations need to be made prior to 24 hrs before your appointment. If the cancellation is within 24 hrs, you would still contact your counselor to cancel, but there is a $50 associated cancellation fee.


How many sessions will I need?
Different struggles will require different amounts of sessions. There is no boundary on the short end or the long end that we constrain the counseling relationship within. Your counselor will work with you to create a plan. When the counselor feels like you have made the progress you need, they will help direct you to other ways to continue growing and/or healing.
How long do sessions last?
Sessions last 50 minutes. This length of time is good enough to go deep, while allowing it to fit into the complexities of everyday life. We aim to keep them at 50 minutes to enable a transition for our counselors to transition to another appointment as needed.
What’s the difference between marriage and family sessions?
Marriage counseling is geared to help a husband and a wife deal with dynamics of their particular relationship. Family sessions most often involve another member of the family (son, daughter, aunt, uncle, parents, etc). Whether it’s a marriage, or an extended family relationship, navigating the nuances of each family can come.
May I sit in and observe my child’s session?
This is dependent on the counselor and the needs of you and your child. You may certainly request this with your counselor. To enable this, we would each individual in the counseling session to fill out intake forms.  


Who uses remote counseling?
Remote counseling is a helpful option if you are not from the area, or if your schedule on a given week just does not permit an in-person visit. While we prefer in-person meetings for what they provide relationally as you get the help that you need; technology allows for convenience amidst busy schedules. Anyone can request remote counseling from the start, or as an option on a given week with any of our counselors.
How do you do remote counseling?
After you get set up with a counselor, he/she will send you a link that you will need to enter the virtual room.
Is it any different to get started with remote counseling versus in-person?
No. The process is the same. Just like in-person counseling, you will get connected to a counselor to schedule an appointment. Your counselor then, will send you the link that you will need to enter the virtual room.
Do I need any special equipment?
You will need a computer, tablet, or smart phone that is equipped with a camera. Depending on your counselor, we use Zoom and IntakeQ telehealth for remote counseling appointments.


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